WHY Join?

1. Empower Your Voice

TOGETHER! provides a platform for young, independent-minded Americans to amplify their voices in politics, ensuring their perspectives are heard and valued.

2. Drive Political Change

Join a movement that's steering America away from polarization and towards common sense, common ground solutions, led by innovative entrepreneurs and cause champions.

3. Shape the Future

By increasing youth voter registration and participation, TOGETHER! aims to reshape the political landscape, fund younger candidates, pass key legislation, and build a brighter future for all Americans.

4. Support Cutting-Edge Causes

TOGETHER! equips users with the tech resources, platforms, and spaces necessary to inspire movements and increase funding for mission-aligned causes and candidates.

5. Build Lifelong Connections

Join a diverse network of entrepreneurs, activists, influencers, celebrities, and young voters, fostering collaboration and catalyzing meaningful social and political change.

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